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The Martial Journey: Blog 5, Discipline starts outside of the Dojo

Being disciplined is a massive part of what we do in Martial arts. How we conduct ourselves in training, how we treat those around us in the Dojo and how often we turn up to class, all this comes down to how disciplined we are. As a team of Instructors we will help you to learn this discipline and motivate you to do so but, it has to start outside the Dojo and be brought in with you too. You may not think it but making sure your uniform is ready for each class is part of this discipline and one that I really like to see. As a student you arrive each week in uniform, with your belt and are ready to start the class on time. Being on time is down to your disciplined mind-set, we all lead increasingly busy lives but being on time and ready is a choice that you make, start a routine, uniform and kit bag are sorted ready the night before … that routine becomes a discipline that you stick to; likewise with arriving on time, have a routine for your training days, make it a habit that becomes that discipline. Then bring these good habits into class.

⁃ Be courteous to your Instructors & team.

⁃ Be coachable by listening, focusing and paying attention.

⁃ In all of our classes there is a time for the fun stuff and a time to train, know the difference.

⁃ Communicate with your Instructors, if you need to leave the mat for any reason ensure you tell us, don’t just wander off for a drink we have breaks together as a team just like we train together.

⁃ Give yourself a moment to get into the right mind space to be ready to train, be it in a group class, 121 , grading or competition your mind requires exercise and rest just like your body does and is just as important to look after.

⁃ Take time to train outside of the Dojo. This is perhaps the biggest discipline of them all. You really do get back what you put into Martial arts and you will see the difference in your ability and knowledge when you push that little bit more.

Martial arts has been the pillar of my life and everything has been built on it. I approach everything with the mind-set I’ve taken from my training and my hope is, that I can pass a small part of this onto everyone. No matter your reasons for starting Karate or your reasons that keep you going Karate will have many benefits for your life all you have to do is give it time and focus.


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